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Costa Blanca Business Web Design – Intelligent Websites

IT-Troubleshooting is skilled in developing leading business websites. With more than ten years of experience in the field throughout Europe we have an in-depth knowledge in all types of branches in their marketing and advertising structures.

We have proven our capacity for small online business solutions or large company websites with detailed sections for all their outlets and provide support and advice as a professional partner you can rely on.

A Website is a must today for every business. The website is the most important business card for your operation to show what you offer, offer a user friendly usability and of course, be above the competition in the search engines. One should not under-estimate the importance of online exposure within search engines. We have solutions to bring in front positions.

Thanks to a wide variety of out-of-the-box programs and even web-based software, making a basic web page has never been easier. If you can’t do it yourself, chances are you have a niece or nephew who would be happy to do it for you for the cost of a couple DVDs. Yes, making a web page is easy. But designing a good-looking, professional web site is hard. Optimising your site’s functionality and ensuring it can be read by search engines takes professional talent. And navigating through the myriad of server and hosting plans takes experience and know-how. The good news is that it can still be done – even without the help of your brother-in-law’s know-it-all daughter!

Avoid Cheap, Template-Based Web Sites

There are hundreds of web-based businesses that promise to deliver a “custom” web site for as little as 20€. The problem is that these sites rely on templates, or ready-made sites that have limited functionality and often unappealing designs. You probably won’t be able to do what you need to do with a template site, and even worse, if visitors can recognize your site as being template-based, it will instantly shatter your credibility. Invest in a legitimate, custom-designed web site for your home-based business.

Web Design Essentials

The most important element of your web design is its usability. This means it must load quickly (less of a problem in the modern age of cable modems and DSL), be intuitively navigable, and be useful – meaning, it must include everything the visitor expects and needs. Give your customers and potential customers a reason to visit your web site – and more importantly, give them a reason to come back again. And avoid flash animations and other frivolities – your customers have seen it all before. They want a nice, concise, and useful web site.